C1 Training Event

This training activity is organized by the researchers working at Jozef Stefan Institute (JSI). The participants are researchers from Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies (FEEIT), Elektrotehni─Źka ┼íkola “Mihajlo Pupin” (ETSMP), Solski Center Kranj (SCK) and Sredno opshtinsko struchno uchilishte “Ilinden” (SOSUI). This activity will have a great impact on the development of the platform. JSI has rich experience in the development of tools for teaching ML & DS. The well-known ORANGE platform is partly developed by JSI. It is an interactive application with an easy-to-use interface that allows the development of machine learning workflows and models. During the training activity, JSI will organize a workshop in which they will transfer their know-how and teach us what are the key steps of developing such a platform.

The goal of this training activity is to share their experience in the development process, not just from the developer side of view, but also from the user experience perspective. We consider this as a great benefit for the participants and for the project in general. The researchers who will participate in this training will be the developers with the greatest impact on the development of this platform. This is a crucial part in our project to develop a high-quality interactive learning environment.

The detailed agenda of this training event is given in addition.

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